Twice Her Age

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Twice Her Age

Does love conquer all, including a substantial age difference? That is the question that Ms. Wood tackles in this interesting story in which the hero is almost twice the age of the heroine. As the author points out the real issue is love and maturity and knowing what we want and I felt that Ms. Wood did a good job of highlighting that in this short story.
Debbie Nordall is a young and very attractive woman who has never been attracted to men in her own age group; in fact she’s not really comfortable with people in her age group. Debbie is looking for something different in a relationship, she wants someone she can talk with and can connect with on a spiritual level. She reluctantly agreed to go out with a friend and her friend’s boyfriend and they set up a blind date for her, however, in the bar at the restaurant she meets an older man and she decides to spend the evening getting to know him rather than meet another man her age that she is sure will not be the kind of relationship she wants.
Mick Reed is a successful semi-retired CEO of several companies and is looking for the right woman to fit into his life. He knows that he wants someone who is young, confident and beautiful and believes that he has found her in Debbie. He is a very dominant person who is used to dictating the terms in his life and he instinctively knows that Debbie is looking for someone to cherish and take care of her. He’s a little too sure that he can dictate the terms of their relationship from the start which lead to the only problems their relationship encounters. He knows that their age difference can be an issue but he is sure that they can work around whatever problems come up if they are both committed to its success.
The interaction between Debbie and Mick is well written and you can see that both of these characters really want the relationship to work. The sex between them is hot and Debbie is given the freedom to express exactly what she wants. Mick is at times a little too dominant and insistent on having things his way but for the most part the story does a good job of highlighting that his experience gives him an edge in the relationship. The secondary characters are well written and the introduction of Debbie’s parents at the end gives us some additional insight as to why age wasn’t an important factor from Debbie’s perspective.

Book Blurb for Twice Her Age

Debbie Nordall was tired of the guys her age who only wanted to party and change girlfriends every other week. She wanted someone older, wiser, and more sophisticated to love.

Mick Reed spotted her right away. The woman at the bar was confident, beautiful, and young... everything he wanted. She was the woman who would commit to him fully, and in return, he'd give her anything she wanted. Was he fooling himself to think that age didn't matter?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, exhibitionism, spanking.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00