Recipe For Love

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Recipe For Love

Reyes Family, #2

J.T. is a man who lives hard and seen many things throughout his life. He’s a bad boy to the bone and every woman knows it. He’s been everywhere from New Mexico to Texas but being in suburbia is a whole new world. J.T. never expected to meet a woman like Patti. Something about her scares him yet excites him in a whole new way. She is a great cook, mother and the best lover he has ever had. He knows she’s been married and burned in love by a bad man. She needed an extra hand in her cooking business but he never expected that it would be more than cooking. Together they spice up the kitchen but in bed they are sizzling. He led a bad life and knows that his past will catch up to him. Can he be with Patti and hope for a better life?

Patti has been married and burned in love all by her cheating husband. So when she meets J.T. she never expects to find love. The thing is this is a man who has lots of tattoos and has bad written all over him. Her best friend Teegan says go ahead and have fun yet he is all wicked. She is a grown woman with children but something about J.T. makes her feel wild and adventurous. Her life is centered on her catering business and he is just a great distraction. She knows having wild monkey sex is great but can she let her heart open again. Is J.T. the man for her or just another bump in the road?

Fiona McGrier has done it again in the next book of the Reyes family. I loved the way Patti feels throughout this book when she meets J.T. Here is a man she never expected to meet yet once they do the passion is all there. I loved it and can’t wait for more from this talented author. She creates characters that come to life and the story line never fails between them.

Book Blurb for Recipe For Love

She walked into the kitchen, in time to hear Jake asking, “Those are all real tattoos, aren’t they?”

Patti was having difficulty breathing, while she stared at J.T.’s muscular, hairy, broad chest. She looked up to see humor in J.T.’s eyes, as if he was reading her thoughts, and finding them amusing.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.50