With Grace

“With Grace” is a beautiful story about creating a relationship, perhaps unconventionally, under life and death circumstances.  The relationship between Mark, Phillip and Grace is always the focal point, and is developed so honestly and sweetly, it is hard not to fall for each character individually and together.  The erotic scenes are always hot as blazes (trust me on this), but you’re never left with the feeling that love doesn’t motivate every action.  It is also interesting to note the debate between ‘making love’ vs. ‘being free to love’ that is explored in this tale.  Each character struggles with their own obstacles to this question: Phillip with his bisexuality, Grace against her ‘good girl’ image, and Mark between his desperate feeling for his two, best friends, knowing that they are a couple without him.  Also, unlike some authors, even Mrs. Wayland’s secondary characters seem interesting enough to merit their own novel; I’m definitely looking forward to more on Detective Patrick in future tales.

Overall, I was glued to this story, finding myself laughing aloud intermittently (according to my roommate) in between long stretches of intense, silent reading.  The plot was interesting, though somewhat reminiscent of similar plot lines.  The way Mrs. Wayland spins this tale, however, makes this a book well worth reading. By the end, though the story actually stretches over less than a week’s time, I felt I could truly imagine life for these three as exactly what it should be, as they will fight for it to be.  They deserve it.  And I’d say I deserved an intro to this talented author, as well.

Book Blurb for With Grace

A man yearning to explore his sexual tastes but afraid to turn up the heat, the woman who loves him but is hungry for more spice…and the chef who craves them both.
When Grace, Philip and Mark find a mobster’s flash drive full of incriminating information, they are quickly embroiled in a dangerous situation. They stay together for safety, but proximity ignites the sparks they’ve long been fighting to ignore.
When three friends dare to succumb to their appetites, they find the perfect recipe for love.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75