Kisses From Heaven

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Kisses From Heaven

For years Loren Shephard has been a good daughter and might have been a good wife. The problem is that her whole life is centered on her sister and father. She knows that God rewards those that do good deeds but lately she feels overworked. Her sister recently has come to be known as selfish and irresponsible. Her father is getting on with age and this scares Loren. Everything seems to be piling up on her and Buck Leeds is definitely not someone she needs right now. Yet something about Buck makes her feel relaxed and the weigh on her shoulders a little less heavy. Buck is like a god send but Loren knows it can't be for real. Or can it? Just when she thinks her life is about to end Buck seems to help her in every way. What scares her most is that Buck seems just like her. They barely make ends meet. Or is he?

Sometimes in life we all need a little help and Loren Shephard is a woman who needs all the help she can get. Jennifer Greene did a great job in creating a story about one woman taking all she can handle on her shoulders. Loren is a loving daughter who wants to be perfect for her father yet fails in living in life. Her whole life is centered on working and being there for her father. I loved that Buck Leeds is a man of mystery but when it comes to Loren he is all romance and an open book. These two together so need each other yet they're too proud to admit that to one another. Jennifer Greene did a great job with these two and I wish there was more between them. All in all it was a great book full of romance, second chances and one woman's chance at happiness again. Great job.

Book Blurb for Kisses From Heaven

Loren Shephard is too proud to ask for help and too broke to pay for it. She has her hands full with a demanding career, a grandfather who can't stay away from the bottle, a spoiled younger sister and a mansion that's fallen into disrepair. When Buck Leeds stumbles into her life and starts fixing things—and arousing feelings she never knew she possessed—she can't help but fall for the brawny stranger.Loren's trust in Buck is shattered and she's filled with self-doubt when she realizes her first impressions of Buck were all wrong. How can she build a future with a man that reminds her too much of her past?

Previously published.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00