Under Fire

Elite Force, #3

I'm pleased that Catherine Mann didn’t make the wait for Liam's story a long one. After the last novel, where readers are fed tiny, delightful tidbits with Liam and Rachel, I was most anxious for them to get their story aired out. Liam McCabe thinks three strikes literally mean’s he should stay out. After all if a man marries and divorces that much, something may be wrong. Rachel Flores knows Liam's reputation but when suspicious events put her life in jeopardy, he's the first man she thinks of and runs to for protection.

Mann does a great job showing Liam's interest yet hesitation on stepping into another relationship that may end in divorce. He's a man that loves having a wife and isn’t interested in playing around. Rachel was wonderful. She was able to see beyond the three ex-wives and love the man. The surrounding drama involving Rachel as well as reoccurring characters made this a home run for me.

Book Blurb for Under Fire

When Rachel Flores' tumultuous relationship with Major Liam McCabe ended abruptly, she refocuses her energy onto her career. She plans to forget Liam and live a peaceful life supplying therapy dogs for recovering military vets-until a patient reveals a traitorous plot within the epicenter of military intelligence. Rachel finds herself ensnared within a web of danger, and only one man can help her...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00