About Last Night

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About Last Night

Misty McNeil is having a really bad week. First, she gets arrested for breaking and entering. She broke into her ex’s apartment to get a necklace he took. Then, her landlord gave her 7 days notice to get out of her apartment. She’s on a month to month lease and has been looking but finding nothing. She doesn’t want to move back home as her parents are having their own issues plus she works for her dad and seeing him at work is enough. Her cop brother seems to be having something going on with his neighbor and Misty doesn’t want to get into that. So, for both problems she calls her brother’s best friend and the guy she’s had a crush on since childhood, Tanner Theroit.

Tanner would do just about anything for Misty. He met her while he was in middle school and for a long time looked at her as a little sister. That outlook changed after Tanner stayed with Misty for a couple of days while she was in college. They’ve never talked about that time but it’s always been between them. So, being called in the middle of the night or asked to help find housing, Tanner is willing.

Tanner owns his own company. He’s been fixing mostly business properties after the hurricanes but he does still do a few residential properties. Misty’s dad has asked him to find a house for Misty’s brother. He plans on giving it to him for his birthday. When Misty asked about a house for herself, she was told when she gets married. Tanner, though, could use some help looking at houses and asks Misty. After all, she should be able to give a woman’s opinion plus she knows her brother.

Helping Misty find a place to live is hard. There’s nothing available for at least a month. Tanner offers his guest room but how long will he be able to keep his guest in that room? He’s still attracted to Misty and it seems like Misty still has her crush. But, will they ever talk to each other?

Fantastic and fun story that had me laughing and then ready to hit someone and then back to cheering Misty on. Misty and Tanner are more than friends yet not lovers. Reading about them trying to define and remake their relationship was not only funny but heart breaking. I wasn’t sure they were ever going to get it together without someone’s intervention.

Misty and Tanner’s characters are very well done. You get to meet a lot of Misty’s family as her brother is part of both their lives. Watching the interactions gives a real feel for all of the characters. They are full of life and have lives. They also have tempers which flare and do stupid things. In other words, they are human and it comes across extremely well.

This isn’t an extremely long story, only around 70 pages which makes it perfect for a quick pick-me-up story. It’s amazing on how much can be put into those few pages. I’ve seen longer stories that didn’t give me as much information and action as I got in these few. Nothing is left out but there is a whole lot crammed in those 70 pages.

I really enjoyed this story. Of course, I like stories where the main characters are friends that evolve into lovers. Though this path may be rocky, the deep affection that they have for each other comes through.

Book Blurb for About Last Night

Her life is an endless string of disasters.

When Misty McNeil is arrested for breaking and entering, calling Tanner Theroit to bail her out seems like a good idea…until he asks what’s so important she’d risk going to jail for. Admitting she was trying to retrieve a gift he’d given isn’t something she wants to confess.

Misty’s night in the slammer is only the tip of the iceberg. Her life quickly takes a turn for the worse. With only one week to move out of her apartment, she turns – yet again – to Tanner to bail her out.

Tanner is determined to prove he wants nothing less than all of her. Too bad Misty has a been-there-done-that attitude when it comes to relationships. But…will Tanner be the one man who can offer her a deal she can’t refuse?

Content warning, explicit sex, strong language and a sexy, hard bodied construction worker turned executive.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.75