Beloved Traveler

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Beloved Traveler

Ana is the pilot of her good friend, Mea’s space ship. Mea is taking her Gaian family to visit her Traveler brother, Jack. Ana is also Gaian. She has been widowed for 6 years. Her husband died right after the war between Earth and Gaian. As an unattached female, Ana has problems being around unattached males. She gets nauseous unless she becomes attached to a male. Throughout the trip, Ana has not left the ship so when they land on the Traveler’s home world of Baile Na, it was not a surprise when she decided to not attend a party given in the village but to walk to the lake near the landing area. During her walk, she hears music being played and she can’t resist following the sound. In a nearby clearing, she finds a good looking man playing a guitar. She shortly discovers two things; this is her friend, Mea’s brother and she doesn’t get nauseous around him.
Jack is a Traveler but he’s seen as a pirate in some circles. He is well known for going after ships carrying slaves and releasing them. He’s trying to make up for some of the things he did during the war. The most notable was being part of an Earth force that destroyed the larges Gaian girl’s school. The men he was flying with during that mission are now the biggest dealers of slaves. Many of the slaves are females and are headed to Gaian outposts, unknown to Gaian authorities. Jack is very attracted to Ana but knows that Gaians do not have causal sex. In fact, Gaians to not have sex outside of attachments. It was very surprising to him when Ana had no problems touching him and seemed to like it.
Everything is going extremely well for Mea, her family, Ana and Jack when it is discovered that there is a spy in the Travelers town. This spy lets the slavers know where the Travelers live and they come to take all the young females, even those who are married! They even took Mea even though she is pregnant so that they would have something to use against Jack. Because Jack’s home is not with the rest of the Travelers, Jack and Ana are not captured and using a tracking devise that Jack’s first mate has on her, they plan a mission to get the females back. It won’t be easy and some may be killed but they have to do it.
This book seemed to be part of a series of books. I am fairly sure that Mea had her own book. This book can be read and enjoyed on its own. The ending left the thought that another book may be coming. As this is an interesting world to explore, I’m sure all of the books will be excellent.
Some things in this book seemed to parallel people/events in this world. Travelers are a people that don’t have a home, roam from place to place and have a knack for fixing things every similar to gypsies. They also like to wear colorful clothes and have their own language. Frequently military missions are kept secret and the maneuvers that were described could have happened here. Women being kept from men or not allowing men to touch them can still be found in some societies today. Women taking over jobs men traditionally held when a war is going on can also be found during WWII. With all the similarities, it almost felt like you were reading into the future.
The characters were strong and worked well. Women were seen as capable beings. Several of the women were pilots or other professionals. Men were seen as strong and protective. The men also had softer sides and played music and played with their children. There were no whimpering characters but characters that acted and went after what they wanted.
As the characters made plans to have the women returned to Baile Na, I felt like cheering the women on. They took what should have been a horrible ordeal and turned it into a way to free themselves. Jack and Ana helped in their own way and had me laughing as they discussed marriage, children and sex while dodging lazar fire and jumping around the stars.
This is a fun, fast paced story with the ending that makes you want to read more. Jack’s first mate is off to find her sisters. Her adventures should be fun and I look forward to reading about them. In the meantime, readers can sit back and read Ana and Jack’s story and dream about life in the stars.

Book Blurb for Beloved Traveler

Gaian widow Ana Ranalla took the job of nanny to explore the Outer Colonies and escape having to go to any more Gaian marriage meets. Looking for adventure but not love she hadn’t planned on meeting her best friend’s brother, Jack An Flena in a dusk-filled forest clearing. Even worse his unexpected kiss leaves her senses reeling and makes her wonder if Jack could be her match.

An ex-member of Earthforce’s most infamous fighting unit, the Dark Angels, Jack An Flena has sought redemption from his misdeeds by rescuing slaves from his former shipmates. Even so he can’t believe he could make a woman like Ana fall in love with him or keep her love should the truth ever come out. His Traveler’s luck could never be that good.

Rating: Sensual/Spicy.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.00