Leah's Choice

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Leah's Choice

Hannah's Daughters

Leah Yoder was exited to hear about the Mennonite missionary who saved a child’s life from a mob. She, along with several other members of Seven Poplars Amish community, gained permission to hear about Daniel Brown’s travels, missionary work and adventures. However, the program is late starting and not only are the younger people getting restless but the weather is getting worse!

Finally someone comes through the door but it doesn’t appear to be the missionary. It’s a young child with a young man. The child is a neighboring Amish boy who tells everyone that his brother is lost. Could people please come and help find him. Immediately the Amish group decides who is to go home and who is to help.

Leah knows the area well so she goes to help. The group of searchers that Leah is grouped with is two Mennonite girls and their cousin, the man who came in with the child. As they search, Leah finds that she likes this young Mennonite man but as he’s not Amish, nothing can come of it.

Finally, after locating the missing child, Leah realizes that the man she’s been searching with is the Mennonite missionary!

Daniel is a missionary. So are his parents. He’s never lived any where for long as his family goes to share God’s good news. He doesn’t know why this Amish girl has attracted his attention. This has never happened to him before. Not knowing how long before he will get the phone call giving him his next mission has Daniel wondering if he’ll even have time to get to know her.

Do they dare to even try to get to know each other? Neither church will approve!

This is another book in Emma Miller’s Hannah’s Daughters series. It is not necessary to read previous books to enjoy this one. Characters from previous books are in this one as it is about a family of daughters!

The main characters of Leah and Daniel are very well done. Each has their strengths and their weaknesses. Daniel has a habit of forgetting things like his coat which is why he was late to the presentation. Leah is a bit out spoken and at almost 21 still hasn’t joined the church. Both have a strong sense of family and faith.

But this story isn’t just about Leah and Daniel. It has more depth than that. Leah has an older sister who is married with children. When Leah’s sister shows up at the family home after dark with the children, there is concern but when Leah notices bruises the family realizes that there is abuse. Marital abuse and depression are addressed Amish style which doesn’t always make sense to outsiders, including Daniel.

Too often Mennonites and Amish are lumped together. They are two different churches and this story brings out some of the differences that most people would miss. Leah’s mother grew up Mennonite but when she married an Amish man her father disowned her. Leah knows that if she marries Daniel she will not be welcome in all the Amish homes she is now. Even being seen with him could cause some talk! Other differences are brought up and things can’t always be compromised.

I really enjoyed this story. It was more than just a sweet love story.

It’s like exploring another culture but it’s really all around us. Okay, maybe not everyone but I happen to have the office I work in located in the middle of a Mennonite community and the Amish community is just up the road. Though I’m aware there are differences between the two communities, I have never had them brought up and they are in this story, in a non-judgmental way.

It’s like being a member of the Yoder family. I felt the struggles the family had dealing with spousal abuse and with a grouchy grandmother. The nosey, judgmental aunt was someone to stay away from but was also someone who always seemed to show up when you didn’t want them to. As each member of the family became clearer, the more I felt as if I could know this family. I was there washing dishes or playing in the schoolyard.

I have to highly recommend this book, this series and this author to anyone who likes Amish romance stories. The author knows her subject matter and it shows. She’s able to make her community come alive. Though the religious beliefs come across they don’t become preachy. They live their beliefs and there is no separation.

And now that I’ve rambled more than long enough, my final word is excellent story and well worth reading.

Book Blurb for Leah's Choice

With dreams of marrying an Old Order Amish man, Leah Yoder plans on raising children in the peaceful Delaware community. But when Mennonite missionary Daniel Brown arrives to share his story with their church, Leah is fascinated by him. She spends time with Daniel in a forbidden courtship to learn how she truly feels about him. Before long, Leah has a choice to make. Should she stay with her community…or leave with the man she believes God has placed in her life's path?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50