Red, Hot, & Blue, Book 2

Jack was a great read. I really loved the characters. Jack gets sent home for R&R with the rest of the team. Jack is not happy at first because he doesn't want the time off but he finds something to occupy him. There is a new hand on his family's ranch and not everything is adding up for Jack. He decides to investigate on his own. But there is also a chemistry there that they do not know what to do with at first. Nikki tries to keep her distance but Jack wears her down pretty quickly and they start a relationship and then her past catches up with her.

Jack and Nikki are really well written characters. So are all of the secondary characters. I fell in love with Jack and Nikki right away. They are well fleshed out. There is plenty of action in this story for the reader. It is fairly short but it does not feel like anything is missing. The flow is great and very smooth. Nothing is rushed or not fleshed out. The sex is fairly explicit but not overly so. There is plenty of emotions between the two of them by the time the physical aspects start. This is part of a series, it is the second one. You do not have to read the first one to understand this one and enjoy but it would up the enjoyment of the story. All the books in the series are interconnected.

Book Blurb for Jack

The best way to heal a broken heart is to jump right back on the horse. So to speak…

After watching the girl he’s crushed on for years fall for his best friend, the last thing special operative Jack Gordon wants is a vacation. If cooling his heels doesn’t drive him crazy, doing it under his family’s scrutiny will.

But once he’s back home things get more than a little interesting. The new farm hand is cute, sexy—and his instincts tell him she’s got something to hide. Luckily, he’s got the skills and the backup to find out what.

Gordon Equine is the perfect place for Niccolina Campolini. The Gordons pay in room, board and cash. And they don’t ask questions. Perfect for a girl on the run…until Jack shows up. Sexy as hell and far too inquisitive, Jack strikes sparks and suspicions that put both her body and her heart in danger.

Jack knows better than to trust a woman with as many shadows as Nicki, but the heat waves of their attraction are messing with his focus. And when her secrets catch up with her, he’s not sure if he’s protecting her from something, or protecting his family from her…

This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.

Warning: This book contains extremely stupid gangsters bearing guns, a bored team of special operatives looking for some action, and one Southern gentleman guaranteed to charm your panties off.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.50