The Devil's Temptress

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The Devil's Temptress

This book kept me turning the pages. Set in the time of King Henry V and Eleanor of Aquitaine, the story revolves around the court intrigues between Henry and Eleanor and whether or not their sons will be named heirs to the throne. Our heroine Alienore is honor bound to serve Eleanor, but as Eleanor’s plots become more and more treasonous Alienore must make a decision whether to serve the Queen or follow her heart and find salvation.

Suspicious, King Henry sends a man to investigate Eleanor’s behavior and unravel her plots, a man known only as the Raven. Alienore is drawn to the Raven immediately, but having fled an unwanted betrothal to the Duke of Ormonde, and embroiled in the queen’s plots Alienore hesitates to pursue the attraction. The Raven has his own secrets though and a dark past that haunts him nightly.
The Devil’s Temptress is a well-written novel that explores the lasting effect of the Crusades on the soldiers that served the King during that time. It also offers an interesting perspective on the court intrigues of the time, giving both the protagonists a sympathetic view allowing the reader to wonder how one would navigate the tightrope between pleasing the King, and following your own honor. Eleanor of Aquitaine is a commanding presence in the book, and through the author’s words the reader can experience a portion of Eleanor’s vibrant life.

Alienore and the Raven are both commanding characters who deeply explore the concepts of honor and trust. Both characters are well developed with believable backstories. The dark, sexy romance is both satisfying and enjoyable and every chapter is filled with secrets and subterfuge. After this book, I will certainly add this author to my auto-buy list. 

Book Blurb for The Devil's Temptress

In the glittering, sumptuous court of Eleanor of Aquitaine, betrayal lurks around every corner. The queen is at odds with her king, and to obey one could mean treason against the other. Even Alienore, considered the most virtuous lady at court, holds secrets: whether masquerading as a knight on the tourney field to defend those without a champion or desperately trying to keep her lands—and her maidenhead—from the Duke of Ormonde.

He is called the Raven—his face scarred by a Saracen blade, his voice raspy with the effects of Greek fire. His parentage is unknown, his prowess legendary. And he’ll sell his sword to the highest bidder. As his piercing eyes track her every move, Alienore wonders who he’s working for now: finding a spy for King Henry? sent by the duke to fetch her home? Or is each heated touch, each whispered promise of pleasure part of a much more personal mission? 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 5.00