Kessa's Pride

Kessa is a lion shifter of the infamous Silver lineage. She ran from her pride many decades ago to seek a life outside of the barbaric ways of the pride. She successfully married and created a family with a human while managing to squash some of her more basic animal instincts. After her husband's passing, Kessa had decided to live out the rest of her days in a solitary existence among the humans. She always knew they were tracking her, but she never imagined they would be so close.

Valren the Leader King of his Lith'han pride has heard many stories and speculations of the Silver who ran away and he's determined to bring her back. His initial intention was to bring her back to the pride, so he could receive praise and respect from the Council, but what he got was a whole lot more than he expected.

Kama Spice writes a very unconventional shifter story. Instead of writing about shifters conforming to the ways of humans in order to live among them, she writes of shifters without inhibitions and in a way that was quite refreshing to read. This story involves not only really great sex, but also issues in dealing with acceptance, prejudice, and rape. The Lith'han are a very proud pride and celebrate being able to feel all the pleasures of being alive. That's why it is unfortunate for Kessa since after a traumatic event during her 'Awakening' years, has tainted how she views the Lith'han and their celebratory ways. I greatly admired the strength Kessa has in maintaining her human side regardless of how she might be viewed by the pride. Valren's change throughout the story is admirable as well. Kessa and Valren are a perfect couple for the simple fact that they changed each other for the better.

Recommended reading for those seeking uninhibited lion shifter bonding, mating, and ceremony that touch on issues easily relatable to humans.

Book Blurb for Kessa's Pride

Valren Nimhah grew up hearing stories of Kessa Liah of the Silver lineage—one of the most powerful females in over a hundred years. As Leader King, he knew he would have to bring her back. She has risked the safety of the pride by living among humans. Besides, he was in heat and needed a powerful mate. What he hadn’t bargained for was how easily Kessa would drive him to the brink of madness, blinding him with savage desire.
Kessa Liah has managed to subdue her animal urges while living among humans. But after the death of her human mate, a Leader King finds her and promises to bring her back to everything she's left behind. When he sends two males and a female to remind her of what a real cat in heat is like, she is powerless to resist. The familiar scent of Lith’han sex sends her into a frenzy. If this is how her body responds to ordinary pride members, resisting the lust of an alpha male will be almost impossible.
Reader Advisory: This novel deals with a capture-bondage situation and includes interaction between f/f/m, group sex and m/m. Now don’t you wish you were a lion shifter too?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.50