Worth the Risk

The second story in the Worth It series is very relationship and character driven. Much of the storyline focuses on the growth that Hunter and Gracie go through as individuals and together. Although I enjoyed that aspect and reading their struggles to accept what they've always feared or believed to be impossible, I was a tad disappointed that the scandalous twist involving their working together wasn't explored upon further. Still Hunter and Gracie stole the show with their own drama as they would take one step forward in their physical relationship and two steps back when emotions come in to play. They are both fully aware of their short-comings and too many misunderstandings stand between them, but you still can't help rooting for them while at the same time wanting to shake sense into them. For the most part, the sex scenes are sizzling in the way you would expect from the charmingly, rakish Hunter, but each intimate scene felt a bit stuttered. The graphicness started out great and then waned as the story went along. Nevertheless, they are wonderful snippets of romance, passion, and tenderness that are instantly addicting.

I adore this series and how the Worth family is progressing and expanding. After having been given more Rhett face-time in this story, I am even more anxious to really get to know the misunderstood youngest Worth brother. Readers should definitely read the first in the series to fully enjoy this story, but it could be read as a standalone. Fans of contemporary romance will love these Worth brothers!

Hunter Worth is not used to being denied anything. From women to expensive cars, he likes to keep it loose and fast. Commitment is definitely not a word in his vocabulary or at least not when it comes to bed partners. What he is committed to is his work and the marketing team that is responsible for Worth Luxury flourishing into a new era. Hunter is determined to keep the company forging ahead and relies on his creative team to support that same goal. However, no one on his team is more brilliant or capable than Gracie Hayes. She is a visionary and vision that he just can't keep his mind off of and after one night of mixing business with pleasure that ended all too abruptly, Hunter has another goal – getting Gracie into his bed. Now he's committed to keeping her in his bed, but he's surprised to find she refuses to stay there.

Gracie Hayes has had a very rough go of life right from the beginning. Being abandoned by her drug-addict mother and bouncing through foster homes are the building blocks that have defined her for way too long. After clawing her way out of several disasters that could have changed her life horribly, Gracie now stands tall for the accomplishments she's achieved particularly while working for Worth Luxury. However, she didn't escape her childhood completely unscathed and has intimacy and trust issues as a result. When her boss Hunter begins his not-so-subtle seduction, Gracie is both excited and afraid. The possibility of it ending in disaster is just too great to ignore, so keeping their affair temporary seems the only way to go. Unknowingly, Hunter begins expecting more from their secretive, casual relationship, but Gracie's life is headed on a collision course with her past, present, and future.

Book Blurb for Worth the Risk

How to make a strong man fall hard? Refuse him.

Hunter Worth lives life to the absolute fullest. As vice president and head of brand marketing for Worth Luxury Goods, he’s brought his family’s business firmly into the twenty-first century. Ruthless yet charming, he’s now set his sights on the sexiest member of the marketing team. First thing on his agenda? Seduction.

Gracie Hayes needs her job at Worth—and she’s not about to let the gorgeous owner and her direct boss distract her—again. Orphaned, and with a rough childhood behind her, she’s worked too hard to compromise everything for a fling, no matter how tempting. Independent, strong and resourceful, she will fight off Hunter. She has to.

Flirting, stolen kisses, a few nights of scorching hot sex…Hunter has all that in mind and more with the delicious Gracie. He never figures he’d fall in love or that she’d deny him. How will Hunter convince Gracie he’s the one for her?

Warning: Contains yet another one of those sexy, bossy Worth brothers, though this one is too full of charm for his own good. Watch as he falls hard—and watch as she tries her hardest to dodge his every attempt at seduction.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00