The Mansfield Rescue

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The Mansfield Rescue

The Mansfield Brothers

Being a smoke jumper is a hard, dangerous and courageous job. Amy is proud to be a smoke jumper and is glad to do the job. So it’s understandable that she’s frustrated when she has a bad jump and messes up her ankle. She’s out for the season. She returns to the town she grew up in to see her mother and gets a very rude awakening when she comes face to face with her stepfather. He sexually abused her for three years in high school and is now out on parole. Needless to say she leaves only to have her car break down. Luckily she is rescued by Grant.

Grant works on cars and is still dealing with the death of his wife who died in a car bomb meant for his brother who is in WITSEC. He now is raising their two daughter by himself. His oldest, Peyton, gets kidnapped. He goes through a parent’s worst fear. Grant and Amy work together to get her back unaware that Peyton is going to face not one but two monsters and unconfirmed zombies.

Amy is so strong and brave, it’s beautiful. She could have easily let what her stepfather did to her bring her down, but she didn't. She got out of the bad situation and made something out of her life. She got a family in the bargain. Peyton is such a sweetheart and I loved that the author did her point of view. It showed us what she was going through and how she was dealing with the death of her mother.

Readers won’t want to miss this emotionally driven book by Beth Cornelison.

Book Blurb for The Mansfield Rescue

A single father discovers the price of revenge and the power of love

After his wife's murder, Grant Mansfield vowed to stay true to her memory and to protect their children. But fate has other plans. His temporary houseguest, injured smokejumper Amy Robinson, has him burning with a white-hot attraction, and the single dad's nightmare comes true when his older daughter is kidnapped.

Grant is just the man the adventurous Amy never knew she needed, his children the family she never knew she wanted. Before she can rescue his lonely heart, the handsome widower must become a hero. Only Grant can rescue his little girl. But time is running out…

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00