A Lady's Secret Weapon

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A Lady's Secret Weapon

A Lady's Secret Weapon is a great read from a talented author, who surely outdid herself on this book.

The series takes a much darker and more intense turn with this phenomenal book. The plot was compelling, with richer characters and a storyline that was strewn with emotional angst. The character development was excellent, with intense situations that the author aptly explored in-depth. It would be safe to say that A Lady's Secret Weapon is my favorite book in this series so far.

I found this story to be very character driven, with interesting and charismatic lead characters that are both shrouded in mystery. Ethan, the hero, is an enigmatic spy for the shadowy government agency, Nexus. An unapologetic rogue who often used his masculine charms to uncover his enemy’s secrets. He well earned his title of a boudoir spy, yet deep down he felt tainted and insecure about himself. Sydney was a completely likeable heroine with a bit of a tragic past and a noble calling. Her own tragic past, which she eventually confesses to Ethan, has set her on a quest to help enrich the lives of the common people and to right the wrongs committed by the more elite society. In truth, her secret agenda has her commanding a fierce loyalty among a vast network of unobtrusive spies.

In fact, Ethan and Sydney had crossed paths before. Now, they are destined to meet again as they both investigate suspicious activity at a London orphanage. Ethan, as a spy for Nexus, is searching for a lost child. While Sydney is investigating allegations of abuse. Surprisingly. They are both on the trail of the elusive traitor, Latymer. Inevitably, their paths intersect, sparks flew and Ethan's curiosity is aroused. Now the hunt is on.

The author did an amazing job of pulling me into this fast paced story. The suspense was riveting, with a lot of drama involving some very bad people. The romantic element was loaded with personal conflict, with Ethan and Sydney having insecurities about their respective pasts. Not thinking they're good enough. Yet regardless of the reticence, they couldn't deny their feelings. I felt that they were perfect for each other, of course. They seemed to fit together so well, and I was easily drawn into their love story.

I felt that the book was brilliantly written. As each deftly woven layer of the story unfolded, the reader began to see an intricate web of intrigue, suspense, and mystery that all came together quite nicely, explaining a lot of things in the end. Never a dull moment in this plot, as secrets were revealed, with plenty of twists and turns that kept me guessing about what would happen next. Some lingering mysteries were solved and an insidious conspiracy was foiled. There were a few shocking moments and some frustrating ones as well. One very sad scene that put a little tear in my eye. Yet, for all this excitement, the reader is still left with some unanswered questions, as the author gives a nice tease and a tantalizing glimpse into the next book. This book definitely had everything needed to keep this reader entertained from start to finish.

A Lady's Secret Weapon is a great addition to Tracey Devlyn's Nexus series. I loved it, enjoyed every spine tingling page. I suggest that most readers will love it as much as I did.

Book Blurb for A Lady's Secret Weapon

Sydney Hunt and her extensive system of spies have worked hard to improve the lives of London's less fortunate. Hearing of strange occurrences at a nearby orphanage, Sydney is forced to join ranks with a notorious rake known for charming his way into the beds of wives and mistresses across Europe. Ethan deBeau, Lord Danforth, is headed to London to locate a missing child, and soon he and Sydney are entrenched in London's dark underworld. She harbors more secrets than the Foreign Office and he'll uncover each one, kiss by kiss.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50