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Tough Justice: Part 5 of 8

Twisted is the fifth installment in this Harlequin special release e-series. Gail Barrett takes the wheel for this pivotal installment.

So far this series has been a top notch crime thriller with each chapter ratcheting up the suspense and creating an ever increasing sense of foreboding, but nothing could have prepared me for what would take place in the appropriately named “Twisted”. So, fasten your seat belt folks, the ride is about to get very bumpy.

A huge bombshell reveal at the beginning of the book literally took my breath away! Before I could really digest all the implications of that, another huge twist had my heart pounding and had me literally sitting on the edge of my seat.

This chapter is certainly dark and twisted causing the tension within in the team to rise to a fever pitch. Moretti’s game is now totally out of control, so it’s more important than ever for Lara and Nick to remain focused. However, it looks like they are being outfoxed and are losing any kind of ground they may have gained, until they get an unexpected break, which put them on the trail of the “the ghost”. I can’t imagine how things will go from here, but I’m going to worry about Lara’s mental and physical wellbeing more than ever now! Thank goodness I have the sixth chapter at my fingertips because the suspense is killing me!

This book takes the story onto a whole new level of suspense and will certainly command your attention. It’s not a pretty picture, so remember this e-series is a dark, gritty crime thriller, with the romance taking a backseat, at least for now. Also, remember this series needs to be read in order. Never fear, though, it is my understanding that you can download all eight installments at one time, and binge read to your heart’s content! I highly recommend this series. Stay tuned for “Tough Justice: Ambushed” by Carol Ericson.

4.5 stars

Book Blurb for Twisted

A mission that will turn this case on its head…

With a sting set for a downtown bar, Special Agent Lara Grant and her team are on high alert to snare the most dangerous man in Manhattan. No one tears their team apart and gets away with it! Their aim: to get the perp's DNA from his shot glass…

Mission accomplished, but each step forward in the case takes them two steps back into Lara's past—this time, to the years before her undercover assignment, and a family torn apart by a brutal murder. But Lara knows she can focus only on the present. Because when the DNA results come through, they shock the team and rock the very foundations of the case…

Part 5 of 8 in the chilling, high-octane FBI thriller TOUGH JUSTICE from New York Times bestselling author Carla Cassidy and authors Tyler Anne Snell, Carol Ericson and Gail Barrett.

On Gail Barrett:

All parts to be released on Jan 12, 2016. Each author wrote two parts of the overall eight.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50